23 September 2007

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Many of the posts on this site are records of meetings where we focus on Yahshua (Jesus), pay attention to what he is saying, hear one another's hearts, and encourage one another in our journey together with him.

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Introduction - Most of these meetings are unplanned and based in homes or other informal settings. I also join in more structured meetings - church groups of various kinds, celebration gatherings, conference sessions etc. The reports are based on my notes and offer a personal emphasis, they're not intended to be full records of what happened.

The list is incomplete but I'm gradually updating it. The meetings are listed with the most recent at the top though notes are not taken at every meeting. You can also view recent meeting notes on a single page.

Links at the top and bottom of the notes will help you navigate (these, too, are being gradually extended). 'SG' denotes 'Small Group', an Open Door meeting, 'BS' is a Bible study, 'XT' is X-treme Camps.

List of meetings
(Note: from mid-January 2012 I am no longer giving a full list of meetings. They have become too frequent. Instead, I will just add meeting notes occasionally.)

Tuesday 15th January - Cornerstone
Tuesday 8th January - Cornerstone

Sunday 27th May - Oundle
Thursday 12th January - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 11th January - Eaton Ford (BS)
Monday 9th January - Brampton
Friday 6th January - Little Paxton
Tuesday 3rd January - Great Staughton (SG)
Tuesday 3rd January - Eaton Ford (BS)

Sunday 25th December - St Neots - Dinner
Monday 19th December - Brampton
Monday 19th December - Eaton Ford (BS)
Thursday 15th December - Little Paxton 
Tuesday 13th December - Tempsford (SG)
Monday 12th December - Brampton
Monday 12th December - Eaton Ford (BS)
Tuesday 6th December - Great Paxton (SG)
Monday 5th December - Brampton
Monday 5th December - Eaton Ford (BS)
Friday 2nd December - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 1st December - Little Paxton
Tuesday 29th November - Earls Barton
Monday 28th November - Eaton Ford (BS)
Friday 25th November - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 24th November - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 22nd November - St Neots (XT)
Monday 21st November - Brampton
Monday 21st November - Eaton Ford (BS)
Friday 18th November - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 17th November - Little Paxton
Tuesday 15th November - Eaton Ford (SG)
Tuesday 15th November - Eaton Ford (BS)
Monday 14th November - Brampton
Friday 11th November - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 10th November - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 8th November - Tempsford (SG)
Tuesday 8th November - Eaton Ford (BS)
Monday 7th November - Brampton
Thursday 3rd November - Little Paxton
Monday 31st October - Eaton Ford (BS)
Saturday 29th October - Stamford
Friday 28th October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 27th October - Eaton Ford
Monday 24th October - Brampton
Friday 21st October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 20th October - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 18th October - Eaton Ford (SG)
Monday 17th October - Brampton
Friday 14th October - Cornerstone (Day)
Thursday 13th October - Little Paxton
Tuesday 11th October - Loves Farm (SG)
Monday 10th October - Brampton
Friday 7th October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 6th October - Eaton Ford
Friday 30th September - Offord d'Arcy (Day)
Thursday 29th September - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 27th September - Eaton Ford (SG)
Monday 26th September - Brampton
Sunday 25th September - Coventry (Ricoh Arena)
Saturday 24th September - Nettle Hill - afternoon
Saturday 24th September - Nettle Hill - morning
Friday 23rd September - Offord d'Arcy (Day)
Thursday 22nd September - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 20th September - Loves Farm (SG)
Monday 19th September - Moggerhanger (Filling Station)
Friday 16th September - Eaton Ford (Day)
Wednesday 14th/15th September - Moggerhanger (Millenials)
Tuesday 13th September - Tempsford (SG)
Monday 12th September - Brampton
Thursday 1st September - Little Paxton
Monday 29th August - Brampton
Thursday 25th August - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 10th August - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Thursday 4th August - Little Paxton
Wednesday 3rd August - Peterborough (Faith '11)
Tuesday 2nd August - Great Staughton (SG)
Monday 1st August - Brampton
Thursday 21st July - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 19th July - Tempsford (SG)
Monday 18th July - Brampton
Thursday 14th July - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Monday 11th July - Brampton
Thursday 7th July - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 5th July - Great Staughton (SG)
Sunday 3rd July - Bedford (King's Arms)
Friday 1st July - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 28th June - Little Paxton (SG)
Tuesday 21st June - Gamlingay (SG)
Tuesday 14th June - Eynesbury (SG)
Friday 10th June - Offord d'Arcy
Thursday 9th June - Little Paxton
Tuesday 7th June - Great Staughton (SG)
Monday 6th June - Brampton
Sunday 5th June - St Neots (Costa)
Friday 3rd June - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 31st May - Tempsford (SG)
Tuesday 24th May - Little Paxton (SG) 
Monday 23rd May - Brampton
Sunday 22nd May - St Neots (Costa)
Tuesday 17th May - Eaton Ford (SG)
Monday 16th May - Brampton
Thursday 12th May - Little Paxton
Tuesday 10th May - Great Staughton (SG)
Monday 9th May - Brampton
Friday 6th May - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 3rd May - Eynesbury (SG)
Tuesday 26th April - Tempsford (SG)
Tuesday 19th April - Little Paxton (SG)
Sunday 17th April - St Neots (Costa)
Friday 15th April - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 14th April - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 12th April - Gamlingay (SG)
Sunday 10th April - Moggerhanger
Friday 8th April - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 5th April - Great Staughton (SG)
Monday 4th April - Brampton
Saturday 2nd April - Birmingham (A Grace Outpouring)
Thursday 31st March - Eaton Ford
Thursday 31st March - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 3rd March - Little Paxton
Tuesday 29th March - Little Paxton (SG)
Monday 28th March - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 22nd March - Eaton Ford (SG)
Friday 18th March - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 17th March - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 15th March - Eaton Ford (SG)
Monday 14th March - Brampton
Friday 11th March - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 10th March - Little Paxton
Tuesday 8th March - Tempsford (SG)
Monday 7th March - Brampton
Sunday 6th March - St Neots (Open Door)
Friday 4th March - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 3rd March - Little Paxton
Tuesday 1st March - Great Staughton (SG)
Monday 28th February - Brampton
Friday 25th February - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 24th February - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 22nd February - Brampton
Thursday 17th February - Little Paxton
Thursday 17th February - Offord d'Arcy (Day)
Tuesday 15th February - Papworth (SG)
Monday 14th February - Brampton
Friday 11th February - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 10th February - Little Paxton
Monday 7th February - Eaton Ford (SG)
Friday 4th February - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 3rd February - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 1st February - (SG)
Monday 31st January - Brampton
Friday 28th January - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 27th January - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 25th January - Eaton Ford
Thursday 20th January - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 18th January - Eaton Ford
Monday 17th January - Moggerhanger (Filling Station)
Saturday 15th January - Moggerhanger Park Vision
Friday 14th January - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 13th January - Little Paxton
Tuesday 11th January - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Friday 7th January - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 6th January - Little Paxton

Wednesday 22nd December - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Friday 17th December - Eaton Ford (Day)
Friday 10th December - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 2nd December - Eaton Ford
Thursday 9th December - Eaton Ford
Thursday 25th November- St Neots (Cornerstone)
Tuesday 23rd November - Tempsford (SG)
Thursday 18th November - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 16th November - Brampton
Monday 15th November - Moggerhanger (Filling Station)
Friday 12th November - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 9th November - Brampton
Tuesday 9th November - Eaton Ford/Cornerstone
Friday 5th November - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 4th November - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Wednesday 3rd November - Moggerhanger (River life group)
Tuesday 2nd November - Brampton
Friday 29th October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 28th October - Brampton
Tuesday 26th October - Corby/Little Paxton
Thursday 21st October - Watton at Stone
Thursday 21st October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 19th October - Brampton
Sunday 17th October - St Neots (Open Door)
Saturday 16th October - Bedford (King's Arms)
Friday 15th October - Bedford (King's Arms)
Friday 15th October - Bedford (King's Arms)
Friday 15th October - Bedford (King's Arms)
Friday 8th October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 7th October - Watton at Stone
Tuesday 5th October - Eaton Ford
Thursday 30th September - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 28th September - Eaton Ford
Thursday 23rd September - Little Paxton
Tuesday 21st September - Brampton
Thursday 16th September - Watton at Stone
Thursday 9th September - Little Paxton
Tuesday 31st August - Great Doddington
Sunday 22nd August - Eaton Ford (River)
Tuesday 17th August - Brampton
Thursday 12th August - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Monday 9th August - Brampton
Tuesday 3rd August - Brampton
Thursday 8th August - Little Paxton
Tuesday 6th July - Eynesbury (SG)
Thursday 1st July - Letchworth
Tuesday 22nd June - Eynesbury (SG)
Tuesday 15th June - Brampton
Thursday 10th June - Eaton Ford (Day)
Sunday 6th June - Hinchingbrooke (Celebration)
Thursday 3rd June - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 1st June - Brampton
Thursday 20th May - Eaton Ford (Day)
Sunday 16th May - Helsinki (Starfish)
Saturday 15th May - Helsinki (Starfish)
Friday 14th May - Helsinki (Starfish)
Thursday 13th May - Brampton
Thursday 13th May - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 11th May - Brampton


Thursday 3rd July - Little Paxton (limited notes)
Sunday 29th June - Great Doddington (limited notes)
Thursday 24th April - Little Paxton (no notes)
Thursday 17th April - Eaton Ford (no notes)
Thursday 10th April - Little Paxton (no notes)
Thursday 3rd April - Eaton Ford (no notes)
Thursday 27th March - Little Paxton (no notes, conversation only)
Thursday 20th March - Eaton Ford
Friday 14th March - Rugby
Thursday 13th March - Little Paxton
Thursday 6th March - Eaton Ford
Friday 29th February - Rugby
Thursday 28th February - Little Paxton
Wednesday 20th February - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 12th February - Great Doddington
Thursday 7th February - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 29th January - Great Doddington
Thursday 24th January - Eaton Ford
Friday 18th January - Great Doddington
Thursday 10th January - Eaton Ford

Thursday 13th December - Eaton Ford
Thursday 6th December - Great Doddington
Tuesday 20th November - Great Doddington
Wednesday 14th November - Rugby
Tuesday 9th November - Great Doddington
Tuesday 1st November - Eaton Ford
Monday 22nd October - Great Doddington
Wednesday 17th October - Rugby
Friday 12th October - Great Doddington
Wednesday 3rd October - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 26th September - Great Doddington
Monday 17th September - Great Doddington
Monday 10th September - Great Doddington
Wednesday 5th September - Eaton Ford
Thursday 30th August - Great Doddington
Wednesday 22nd August - Rugby
Saturday 18th August - Eaton Ford
Friday 10th August - Great Doddington
Wednesday 1st August - Great Doddington
Friday 20th July - Rugby
Wednesday 11th July - Great Doddington
Wednesday 4th July - Eaton Ford
Friday 29th June - Great Doddington
Tuesday 19th June - Rugby
Thursday 14th June - Eaton Ford
Monday 4th June - Rugby
Wednesday 30th May - Eaton Ford
Friday 25th May - Rugby
Friday 18th May - Great Doddington
Tuesday 8th May - Great Doddington
Wednesday 2nd May - Rugby
Friday 27th April - Great Doddington
Tuesday 17th April - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 27th March - Rugby
Monday 22nd March - Great Doddington
Monday 12th March - Rugby
Wednesday 7th March - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 7th February - Rugby
Monday 29th January - Eaton Ford
Monday 22nd January - Rugby
Wednesday 17th January - Eaton Ford
Thursday 11th January - Rugby
Thu 4th or Fri 5th January - Eaton Ford

Tuesday 28th November - Eaton Socon
Tuesday 7th November - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 27th September - Rugby
Saturday 16th September - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 5th September - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 9th August - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 2nd August - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 25th July - Rugby
Wednesday 19th July - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 11th July - Rugby
Wednesday 5th July - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 28th June - Rugby
Wednesday 21st June - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 13th June - Rugby
Wednesday 7th June - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 31st May - Rugby
Tuesday 23rd May - Eaton Ford

2nd November - (No notes)
Early April - (No notes)
22nd February - (No notes)
Friday 7th January - Eaton Ford

Wednesday 15th December - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 23rd November - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 1st November - Eaton Ford
Thursday 14th October - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 22nd September - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 11th May - Eaton Ford
Friday 16th April - Eaton Ford
Thursday 31st March - Eaton Ford
Thursday 11th March - Eaton Ford

Wednesday 6th August - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 15th July - Eaton Ford
Monday 23rd June - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 4th June - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 13th May - Eaton Ford
Monday 21st April - Eaton Ford
Monday 17th March - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 18th February - Eaton Ford
Monday 20th January - Eaton Ford

Wednesday 18th December - Eaton Ford

18 May 2007

Great Doddington - Well and bike

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Four of us met this evening - Jody, Pete, Rachael, and Chris. After discussing various things together we thought about the woman at the well and Jody read the passage from 'The Message', John 4:1-42. We need cleansing in living water, there is no other way! Jesus knew that the Samaritan woman was unclean. The Jews ritually washed in a Mikvah which contained living water, that is water from a natural, flowing source. Jesus was offering this sinful woman (not even a Jew) spiritual Living Water.

When the disciples got back from grocery shopping they were puzzled, and perhaps disappointed too. Their noses might well have been a little out of joint. 'He sends us off to the shops and instead of sharing his life with us, his chosen apprentices, he shares it with this woman, this sinful woman - and she's a Samaritan!' Yes, that's us! She's just like us. The simple truth is that Jesus knows us, he knows what is in our hearts and yet he still wants to give us life.

This reminded Chris of a sermon he and Donna heard recently while on holiday. The person speaking was a professional psychiatrist. He read John 1:43-51 where Nathanael is so astonished that Yahshua knows him. Apparently Nathanael was about the same age as Yahshua, born about the same time, and so he was born at the time when Herod murdered all the boys under the age of two. This was a marked generation, all the adults at that time would have been psychologically scarred, the grief would have been deep and the impact lasting. And there is a legend amongst the Jews that Nathanael survived the slaughter because his mother hid him under a fig tree! Yahshua knows what is in our heart, he knows all about us!

We considered that moral choices are very hard, but in the end everything is more straightforward than we dare to hope or expect because the only things necessary are to love Yahweh and to love one another. If we will just do those two things, all the difficult choices and decisions in life will resolve themselves. There's a cost of course, and that is giving up what we want in order to do what he wants.

Next we were treated to a whole stream of pictures. Jody saw a candle burning, and understood that a candle in the dark can shed a lot of light. Love is like a candle in the dark, it is all we need.

Rachael saw a man trying to ride a bike. He was not getting on very well and she realised that it was one of those trick bicycles, designed so that turning the handlebars one way causes the wheel to turn the opposite way. And the Lord said to her, 'You will never be able to ride that bike. Your brother is lying by the side of the road, dying. Get off the bike and go to be beside your brother.'

Jody considered that we have become anaesthetised to violence and the many dreadful things that happen in the world. We shrug our shoulders and say, 'Well, that's life', but the Lord says, 'No, it's not life.' She also had a word that the ocean is blue and the sky is an amazing blue too, the blades of grass are a fresh green, the colours on the feathers of a bird's wing are amazing, and they all go so well together. And in the same way we each have our own special colour - like the pieces of a mosaic. Broken little pieces of crockery can be assembled to make a beautiful mosaic that presents a wonderful picture. We are like that when he assembles us. Jody also had another picture, she saw a pair of hands holding a double-sided mirror that you could look through, but she didn't know what this picture meant.

Chris was shown that one side of the mirror represents the wobbly bike, the things in our lives that we struggle with, moral issues, the problems we face that seem too hard to deal with or too difficult to understand. The other side of the mirror is that we love the Lord and that we love one another. Our lives seem to have both aspects to them, but it's only where those two aspects meet that we begin to see clearly and the problems can be met. We have to apply his love to all those difficult situations, and then we will see clearly what to do in each of them.

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08 May 2007

Great Doddington - Canada and boats

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We talked for a long time this evening, but it was more than just talk for talk's sake. We covered a lot of topics and considered how some of them related to the things we believe and hold true.

One of the things we discussed was the idea of giving up our lives for the Lord. It's not enough to do things for him and to work hard at being Christians, instead we need to really let go of everything else but him. Nothing in our lives should matter more than he does.

Chris shared a thought from something he'd heard on a Colin Urquhart recording. We know from the Bible that it's more blessed to give than to receive and this is a spiritual truth. It applies to the Lord just as much as it does to us, so when we receive from Him He is blessed. We should never be reticent about accepting His gifts and favour, He enjoys giving us good things just like any good parent. This is an interesting point; we don't normally understand it this way. It's clear to us that we should be cheerful givers and that we benefit from that, but we don't usually consider how much the Lord loves to give and the benefit He receives. When we refuse to accept from him we take away the blessing he is due.

We also spoke about the ways in which we are all in a state of transition, with Jody and Peter considering moving to Canada, and Chris and Rachael's Mum and Dad's recent transition from this world to the next, the imminent transition of Rachael's daughter Rosie to motherhood, and overall the transition of priority from 'self' to 'his will' in each of us. This is truly the most important thing of all, that he should have his way in us, not that we should have our own way.

At the end of the evening Jody suggested we spend some time in prayer, and that turned out to be really useful.

Father told us we are like little boats bobbing in a stormy sea, but we are safe, the waves will not capsize us, the wind will not blow us over, he is with us in the boat.

We thought, not for the first time, that these meetings are all different and don't really follow a particular pattern. Yet the Lord graciously reaches into our lives and touches us - over and over and over again.

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02 May 2007

Rugby - Baby food and public transport

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We talked for a while about a variety of things. One topic was houses, homes, and our parents. Chris said that he'd like to live in his father's house in Cirencester, but the house had to be sold and it wasn't possible to keep it. But that is according to the world - in Heavenly terms we do get to live in our Father's House! We have everything we need, what a privilege and joy, there's no need for any kind of 'prosperity gospel'.

If we are looking for Life we will find it in humbleness. The world doesn't value humility, instead it celebrates success and strength and money. But there is no life in those things, they are empty, hollow. Life is in humility.

Jody explained that we are like babies. Sometimes our Father wants us in the high chair so he can spoon feed us. But we need to grow beyond that, to grow up and thrive on solid, adult food.

We also talked about the Church and some of the problems that so many face, even in the very place where they should be comfortable and happy surrounded by people who love them. And although there are indeed places of peace in the Church, there are also places of turmoil. It seems that the simplicity of life together (the simplicity of loving, humble relationships) is sometimes replaced by complex and contentious matters of structure, leadership, and tradition.

One theme which appears to be a common thread in our recent meetings is our walk with God, the path we walk with Him and the direction in which He leads us. This direction is inevitably heavenward, a journey which He has trodden already, and one in which He walks closely with us, experiencing the potholes, cracks and unexpected events along the way. Rachael's analogy of the bus/bus driver and the journey ahead brought a funny memory to mind of one of many early journey's in London Jody experienced back in the '80's.

It seemed London bus drivers followed their own timetable and often their own logic. Jody jumped on a bus, (not sure if one is able to spring onto the back of a moving bus anymore!) intending to go from Victoria to Euston and then home to Watford. Instead of being driven to the destination advertised on the front of the bus she was taken completely in the opposite direction, along with 15 other passengers, to a little side street on the other side of the Thames. At the journey's end, the exiting busdriver, his shift now over, slung his bag over his shoulder, explained that the underground could be found around the corner, and briskly disappeared into the smoggy London sunset. To this day one could only speculate on the driver's intention and/or feelings towards his present passengers or even those of his employer. Was this common practice then?

Bus drivers let you down, even when the journey is within their control. Father on the other hand, gets us to where we are going, as long as we are prepared to let Him. Sometimes that route doesn't always appear to be as straight forward as we would expect! I believe we laughed at His sense of humour regarding that image. How often do we allow ourselves to be led in the wrong direction, sometimes unknowingly...However we still manage to get back on track despite the time 'seemingly' wasted or the path by human observation 'ridiculous'.

If all London Transport drivers decided to take whatever route they fancied on any given day, what a total shambles the city would be in. It stands to reason then, that the routes mapped out between points A and B are usually followed, passengers can get off at their desired destination and the city functions pretty well. Every now and then a 'rogue' london transport employee may just make a day in your life a little more interesting.

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27 April 2007

Great Doddington - Wall and candle

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There was a sense throughout this meeting of two places or states, and of the boundary between the two states.

Jody shared a picture of a high wall stretching into the distance across a barren, desert landscape. People were walking along it. Chris thought it seemed that Earth was on one side and Heaven was on the other. It's as if we are walking along the boundary between Earth and Heaven.

Rachael saw an egg-timer with the sand running through it. For a long time a particular grain of sand seems hardly to be moving, but then it rushes through the narrow part of the timer and settles in the lower part. We too will eventually come to a 'narrow' place and will pass through it.

Chris mentioned how in Jeremiah 18 the pot can be reworked easily when the clay is soft, but once it's been fired (as in Jeremiah 19) breaking it means cannot be repaired (but see also 21st June 2006). Once our softness is gone, we are no longer mouldable and pliable in his hands and he holds back (Jeremiah 18:8). The potter in chapters 18 and 19 might have been the same potter, in fact it might even have been the same pot!

One of us had a word through the Spirit in which the Lord said, 'I am the candle in the darkness, I want the best for you no matter how dark things seem. I am - I always will be. Remember that - I am! Don't look back, only look forwards for that's where I am - in your future.

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17 April 2007

Eaton Ford - Kingfisher and mountain

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We had a wonderful, wonderful meeting this evening. Such freedom and such rich words and release from Father! The whole meeting seemed to be about liberty in Christ. We began as we often do with a coffee and a chat about things that seem interesting or important in our lives.

Right at the beginning as we settled down quietly to focus on Yahshua, Rachael shared a picture of a kingfisher sitting on a branch. She

told us how beautiful the coloured feathers seemed. And she said, 'The kingfisher is Jesus, because he is the King, and he is the Fisher of men'. This idea made us chuckle, but it was a serious point and we knew that it was from the Spirit. He told us to look for the places of colour in our lives, that he is the colour, that we will find him in the places that are bright and colourful.

Jody described how she'd first seen gorse growing in Ireland and had to stop and get out and take a piece, it was prickly, but such a beautiful flower. She had never seen gorse before and was quite amazed by it. Chris shared how the oilseed rape in the fields is so gloriously yellow just now. It's at its best, so bright, and so dense and intense that on the drive to work and back it seems to totally transform the countryside - it's like a different place. This is how Yahshua seems to us, when he's present in his people he transforms their appearance.

With all the colours being identified last night, Rachel reminded us of an earlier picture (from the meeting on 14th October 2004) which displayed white light entering a prism and watching the beauty of the different colours emerging from it. With all the colours we were identfying we were shown how wonderful and varied our community together is and how all these colours blend and make up the 'total' colour spectrum' which in turn melds into white light when directed through the instrument of the prism, or Christ. It confirmed to us all of how important each strand or segment of colour is so very much apart of God's plan, how very important and loved we are by Father. The time together seemed to confirm the nature of Community / Family in Christ!

We prayed about freedom and liberation, we sensed these are ours in him. We prayed for the same freedom for our families, for our husbands and wives, for our children, and for our grandchildren. Chris had a tongue which Jody interpreted, through it Father told us that we will climb to the top of his mountain and he will equip us with everything we need to do that. (I thought about the transfiguration though I didn't share it at the time - Chris). We can behave like Peter and want to do a pile of structured stuff in our own strength and wisdom even though we are in the presence of true spiritual power and the Shekinah Glory of the Lord.

The world says, 'Where there is need there is no freedom', but heaven says, 'Where there is freedom there is no need'.

At the end Chris reached out, took Jody and Rachael's hands and we stood together. Chris said, 'First he loved us, then we loved him, and now we love one another. This is the Church, isn't it?' And we all agreed that in a very significant way - it is! When we love him and love one another as a community of his people in relationship, we are the church!

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12 March 2007

Rugby - Tunnel and cloud

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It's been about nine months since we last wrote notes on a meeting. Somehow it hasn't seemed important although we've been meeting regularly throughout and there have been some great and useful times.

Tonight there were just two of us, or three if we count the Messiah (and of course we should count him!)

Chris shared the address of a website that had been mentioned to him in an email from the USA. It's the Christian Fellowship Network based in Merseyside with the purpose of helping to link individual and independent groups together. It's striking that the site is a personal effort and does not represent any organisation.

Chris went on to share a vision of a tunnel mouth in the side of a hill. There was a plaque above the opening, though the words on the plaque were not readable. Rachael thought it might be like the Ben Cruachan tunnel, cut into a mountainside in Scotland to give access to the generating plant in a hydroelectric scheme. The centre of the mountain is a place of power, stored power, and the tunnel gives access to this place of power.

Rachael saw a pear tree with a piece of fruit hanging from it, almost ready to pick. The Lord said, 'This fruit is not going to wither or fall, when it's ready it's going to be used to nourish my people'. She also saw a carpet of cloud like a walkway. And Father spoke and said, 'Don't be afraid to walk on the clouds. You might expect to fall through, but don't be afraid because I will hold you up there'. He also said, 'Nobody can stop me having my way. This is the path I'm giving you, walk with me. Neither can anybody slow me down, my will is the most powerful thing. I choose the moment.

At the end of the meeting Chris said, 'Something's brewing, isn't it. And it's not a pot of tea.' This seemed at the same time quite significant but also very amusing! Access is being provided to the very place of power, perhaps by a tunnel into the heart of the mountain, or perhaps on the clouds where we will need his support along the way. But it's just different ways of looking at the same revelation. We have free access to the throneroom, and it's a great privilege.

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07 March 2007

Eaton Ford - Orange and sun

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Only brief notes were taken this week.

Jody described a vision of some women holding up an orange. When she looked more closely she realised that the 'orange' was in fact the sun!

But we don't need to do that, we are not called to do the impossible, everything we are called to do is achievable. We can do all things in Christ.

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29 January 2007

Eaton Ford - The right amount

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Only brief notes were taken this week.

Rachael read Proverbs 27:7 and commented that Father gives us just the right amount as we need it. Val reminded us that when a believer is full of the real good things, there is actually no room for the worldly things.

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22 January 2007

Rugby - Straight and narrow

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Only brief notes were taken this week.

During the meeting we chatted over coffee for a while, and then we looked at the passage of Isaiah Rachael and I had prepared (Isaiah 40:3-5). We read it through together and I shared what I had thought. Rachael said that she saw a relation between 'making the way straight' and the explosions all in a straight line that she'd seen in a dream.

We agreed that our role in the world is to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven, to declare Christ to the world, to live lives that reveal his glory.

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17 January 2007

Eaton Ford - Table and TV

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Only brief notes were taken this week.

A 1950s TV setSometimes it's necessary in our lives to clear the decks. Rachael shared a picture of a table with everything swept off, all the clutter of tablecloth and crumbs and used plates was removed in a single action. This reminded us of John the Baptist's cry in the wilderness, to 'make straight the way'. Although the world's in such a mess at the moment, it will be made good. This is the Lord's responsibility; he will do it.

Rachael also thought that being in the world is rather like watching television in black and white. When we see the full colour of the heavenly reality it will be utterly fantastic!

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