16 April 2004

Eaton Ford - In the King's presence

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We are so richly blessed, Father leads us and guides us; we don't need to worry about anything - ever. Yahshua would always have known whether to follow this course or that one, he had no doubts because he had no 'baggage'. If we sometimes struggle to know what we should do it's because we carry with us a great deal that isn't necessary (ideas, habits, expectations, and so forth).
Autumn leaves
Val and Rachael both received visions at more or less the same moment this evening, and they were so complementary and reinforcing that there was no room to doubt. Both these pictures just had to be right!

Val saw an autumn leaf in the wind and explained that we are like that. We are completely free to go where the wind takes us. The Holy Spirit moves us where he wants us to be.

And Rachael saw a bird in the air, not working hard to stay aloft but carried effortlessly on a thermal of rising air.

It occurred to me that although Yahshua is the King of Kings, he's not like the modern British royal family. He's more like a king of times gone by, living amongst his family and friends in a very relaxed and ordinary way. And when a foreign ambassador called to meet such a king he would have been taken into the king's everyday life. If his little child had wanted to ask his father for something, the king would have had time for that and then continued his business with the ambassador.

FlamesVal shared yet another picture, this time of flames dancing freely and playfully in a fireplace. Just as we can sit in front of a fire and enjoy the play of the flames and the warmth from the fire, so our Father sits at his ease and is entertained as we dance in freedom before him. He enjoys his children, we warm his heart by our freedom.

He wants us to know that he's very, very close to us. Rachael shared that his presence is woven into the fabric of our being. What a wonderful thought! If he is woven into us like that, then of course we are all woven together into one piece, held together by his strong threads. He holds us all together in love. This seems to be related to the idea that we are all parts of one body with the Messiah as the head. But in this new form, the idea seemed fresh and very powerful, we are indeed one.

So this evening he showed us that although our baggage gets in the way, we're free now, very much his children, and bringing him pleasure in our freedom. He is very, very close to us, in fact completely interwoven into us and holding us together in love.

It's so good to be reminded of these things! And there is such life and freedom in what he showed us this evening. Truly, if the Son sets us free we are free indeed!

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