07 January 2005

Eaton Ford - Paint and light

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Rosie reminded us about the great wave we were shown during our last meeting, which sadly I didn't mention in the notes. Of course, since that meeting the dreadful tsunami has struck coasts throughout southeast Asia. Thinking about this we knew that the wave picture was not a warning of disaster, but an illustration of the way he lifts us and carries us along in the direction we should go.

Paint in waterThere is such power in a wave. And the tsunami made that clear in a truly terrifying way. Yet there's nothing to fear in his wave, the power is there for our benefit, not to destroy. But this evening Father had a different message for us. He showed us an artist at work with watercolour paints. As the artist dipped his brush into the water, the colour swirled through and transformed the colour of the water. In the same way, Yahshua's presence in us swirls throughout our being and gradually changes us into his colour. He has dipped himself into our lives and we will never look (or feel) the same again!

And again, we were shown clouds parting and strong sunlight shining through. He is the clouds, but not only is he in the clouds, he also becomes visible to us as they part. We had such a strong sense that he has chosen to reveal himself to his people.

Sunshine through the cloudsAnd he is making himself visible in many ways. He does this for us in his creation. He does it throughout history. He wants everyone to see, but not everyone chooses to see. But we also know how important it is; seeing him is far more powerful than just hearing his word!

He reminded us of 'Doubting' Thomas. Yahshua told his disciples, 'Peace be with you. Blessed are those who have not seen but have believed.'

And finally he made it clear to us that he only shows us what we need to know. There is so much more that is hidden for now, what we need is shown to us as we go along. It is given at just the right moment. When a beam of light shines through a hole in the cloud it only lights the next step for us, not the whole journey. We can only live one day at a time, so why would we need to know the details for tomorrow? It's not our plan we are following, but his! Praise you father, you give us all we need, right when we need it! Thank you.

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