23 September 2007

Meetings index

Many of the posts on this site are records of meetings where we focus on Yahshua (Jesus), pay attention to what he is saying, hear one another's hearts, and encourage one another in our journey together with him.

Scroll down for the list of meetings...

Introduction - Most of these meetings are unplanned and based in homes or other informal settings. I also join in more structured meetings - church groups of various kinds, celebration gatherings, conference sessions etc. The reports are based on my notes and offer a personal emphasis, they're not intended to be full records of what happened.

The list is incomplete but I'm gradually updating it. The meetings are listed with the most recent at the top though notes are not taken at every meeting. You can also view recent meeting notes on a single page.

Links at the top and bottom of the notes will help you navigate (these, too, are being gradually extended). 'SG' denotes 'Small Group', an Open Door meeting, 'BS' is a Bible study, 'XT' is X-treme Camps.

List of meetings
(Note: from mid-January 2012 I am no longer giving a full list of meetings. They have become too frequent. Instead, I will just add meeting notes occasionally.)

Tuesday 15th January - Cornerstone
Tuesday 8th January - Cornerstone

Sunday 27th May - Oundle
Thursday 12th January - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 11th January - Eaton Ford (BS)
Monday 9th January - Brampton
Friday 6th January - Little Paxton
Tuesday 3rd January - Great Staughton (SG)
Tuesday 3rd January - Eaton Ford (BS)

Sunday 25th December - St Neots - Dinner
Monday 19th December - Brampton
Monday 19th December - Eaton Ford (BS)
Thursday 15th December - Little Paxton 
Tuesday 13th December - Tempsford (SG)
Monday 12th December - Brampton
Monday 12th December - Eaton Ford (BS)
Tuesday 6th December - Great Paxton (SG)
Monday 5th December - Brampton
Monday 5th December - Eaton Ford (BS)
Friday 2nd December - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 1st December - Little Paxton
Tuesday 29th November - Earls Barton
Monday 28th November - Eaton Ford (BS)
Friday 25th November - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 24th November - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 22nd November - St Neots (XT)
Monday 21st November - Brampton
Monday 21st November - Eaton Ford (BS)
Friday 18th November - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 17th November - Little Paxton
Tuesday 15th November - Eaton Ford (SG)
Tuesday 15th November - Eaton Ford (BS)
Monday 14th November - Brampton
Friday 11th November - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 10th November - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 8th November - Tempsford (SG)
Tuesday 8th November - Eaton Ford (BS)
Monday 7th November - Brampton
Thursday 3rd November - Little Paxton
Monday 31st October - Eaton Ford (BS)
Saturday 29th October - Stamford
Friday 28th October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 27th October - Eaton Ford
Monday 24th October - Brampton
Friday 21st October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 20th October - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 18th October - Eaton Ford (SG)
Monday 17th October - Brampton
Friday 14th October - Cornerstone (Day)
Thursday 13th October - Little Paxton
Tuesday 11th October - Loves Farm (SG)
Monday 10th October - Brampton
Friday 7th October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 6th October - Eaton Ford
Friday 30th September - Offord d'Arcy (Day)
Thursday 29th September - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 27th September - Eaton Ford (SG)
Monday 26th September - Brampton
Sunday 25th September - Coventry (Ricoh Arena)
Saturday 24th September - Nettle Hill - afternoon
Saturday 24th September - Nettle Hill - morning
Friday 23rd September - Offord d'Arcy (Day)
Thursday 22nd September - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 20th September - Loves Farm (SG)
Monday 19th September - Moggerhanger (Filling Station)
Friday 16th September - Eaton Ford (Day)
Wednesday 14th/15th September - Moggerhanger (Millenials)
Tuesday 13th September - Tempsford (SG)
Monday 12th September - Brampton
Thursday 1st September - Little Paxton
Monday 29th August - Brampton
Thursday 25th August - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 10th August - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Thursday 4th August - Little Paxton
Wednesday 3rd August - Peterborough (Faith '11)
Tuesday 2nd August - Great Staughton (SG)
Monday 1st August - Brampton
Thursday 21st July - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 19th July - Tempsford (SG)
Monday 18th July - Brampton
Thursday 14th July - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Monday 11th July - Brampton
Thursday 7th July - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 5th July - Great Staughton (SG)
Sunday 3rd July - Bedford (King's Arms)
Friday 1st July - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 28th June - Little Paxton (SG)
Tuesday 21st June - Gamlingay (SG)
Tuesday 14th June - Eynesbury (SG)
Friday 10th June - Offord d'Arcy
Thursday 9th June - Little Paxton
Tuesday 7th June - Great Staughton (SG)
Monday 6th June - Brampton
Sunday 5th June - St Neots (Costa)
Friday 3rd June - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 31st May - Tempsford (SG)
Tuesday 24th May - Little Paxton (SG) 
Monday 23rd May - Brampton
Sunday 22nd May - St Neots (Costa)
Tuesday 17th May - Eaton Ford (SG)
Monday 16th May - Brampton
Thursday 12th May - Little Paxton
Tuesday 10th May - Great Staughton (SG)
Monday 9th May - Brampton
Friday 6th May - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 3rd May - Eynesbury (SG)
Tuesday 26th April - Tempsford (SG)
Tuesday 19th April - Little Paxton (SG)
Sunday 17th April - St Neots (Costa)
Friday 15th April - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 14th April - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 12th April - Gamlingay (SG)
Sunday 10th April - Moggerhanger
Friday 8th April - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 5th April - Great Staughton (SG)
Monday 4th April - Brampton
Saturday 2nd April - Birmingham (A Grace Outpouring)
Thursday 31st March - Eaton Ford
Thursday 31st March - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 3rd March - Little Paxton
Tuesday 29th March - Little Paxton (SG)
Monday 28th March - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 22nd March - Eaton Ford (SG)
Friday 18th March - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 17th March - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 15th March - Eaton Ford (SG)
Monday 14th March - Brampton
Friday 11th March - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 10th March - Little Paxton
Tuesday 8th March - Tempsford (SG)
Monday 7th March - Brampton
Sunday 6th March - St Neots (Open Door)
Friday 4th March - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 3rd March - Little Paxton
Tuesday 1st March - Great Staughton (SG)
Monday 28th February - Brampton
Friday 25th February - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 24th February - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 22nd February - Brampton
Thursday 17th February - Little Paxton
Thursday 17th February - Offord d'Arcy (Day)
Tuesday 15th February - Papworth (SG)
Monday 14th February - Brampton
Friday 11th February - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 10th February - Little Paxton
Monday 7th February - Eaton Ford (SG)
Friday 4th February - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 3rd February - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 1st February - (SG)
Monday 31st January - Brampton
Friday 28th January - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 27th January - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 25th January - Eaton Ford
Thursday 20th January - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 18th January - Eaton Ford
Monday 17th January - Moggerhanger (Filling Station)
Saturday 15th January - Moggerhanger Park Vision
Friday 14th January - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 13th January - Little Paxton
Tuesday 11th January - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Friday 7th January - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 6th January - Little Paxton

Wednesday 22nd December - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Friday 17th December - Eaton Ford (Day)
Friday 10th December - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 2nd December - Eaton Ford
Thursday 9th December - Eaton Ford
Thursday 25th November- St Neots (Cornerstone)
Tuesday 23rd November - Tempsford (SG)
Thursday 18th November - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 16th November - Brampton
Monday 15th November - Moggerhanger (Filling Station)
Friday 12th November - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 9th November - Brampton
Tuesday 9th November - Eaton Ford/Cornerstone
Friday 5th November - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 4th November - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Wednesday 3rd November - Moggerhanger (River life group)
Tuesday 2nd November - Brampton
Friday 29th October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 28th October - Brampton
Tuesday 26th October - Corby/Little Paxton
Thursday 21st October - Watton at Stone
Thursday 21st October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 19th October - Brampton
Sunday 17th October - St Neots (Open Door)
Saturday 16th October - Bedford (King's Arms)
Friday 15th October - Bedford (King's Arms)
Friday 15th October - Bedford (King's Arms)
Friday 15th October - Bedford (King's Arms)
Friday 8th October - Eaton Ford (Day)
Thursday 7th October - Watton at Stone
Tuesday 5th October - Eaton Ford
Thursday 30th September - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 28th September - Eaton Ford
Thursday 23rd September - Little Paxton
Tuesday 21st September - Brampton
Thursday 16th September - Watton at Stone
Thursday 9th September - Little Paxton
Tuesday 31st August - Great Doddington
Sunday 22nd August - Eaton Ford (River)
Tuesday 17th August - Brampton
Thursday 12th August - St Neots (Cornerstone)
Monday 9th August - Brampton
Tuesday 3rd August - Brampton
Thursday 8th August - Little Paxton
Tuesday 6th July - Eynesbury (SG)
Thursday 1st July - Letchworth
Tuesday 22nd June - Eynesbury (SG)
Tuesday 15th June - Brampton
Thursday 10th June - Eaton Ford (Day)
Sunday 6th June - Hinchingbrooke (Celebration)
Thursday 3rd June - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 1st June - Brampton
Thursday 20th May - Eaton Ford (Day)
Sunday 16th May - Helsinki (Starfish)
Saturday 15th May - Helsinki (Starfish)
Friday 14th May - Helsinki (Starfish)
Thursday 13th May - Brampton
Thursday 13th May - Eaton Ford (Day)
Tuesday 11th May - Brampton


Thursday 3rd July - Little Paxton (limited notes)
Sunday 29th June - Great Doddington (limited notes)
Thursday 24th April - Little Paxton (no notes)
Thursday 17th April - Eaton Ford (no notes)
Thursday 10th April - Little Paxton (no notes)
Thursday 3rd April - Eaton Ford (no notes)
Thursday 27th March - Little Paxton (no notes, conversation only)
Thursday 20th March - Eaton Ford
Friday 14th March - Rugby
Thursday 13th March - Little Paxton
Thursday 6th March - Eaton Ford
Friday 29th February - Rugby
Thursday 28th February - Little Paxton
Wednesday 20th February - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 12th February - Great Doddington
Thursday 7th February - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 29th January - Great Doddington
Thursday 24th January - Eaton Ford
Friday 18th January - Great Doddington
Thursday 10th January - Eaton Ford

Thursday 13th December - Eaton Ford
Thursday 6th December - Great Doddington
Tuesday 20th November - Great Doddington
Wednesday 14th November - Rugby
Tuesday 9th November - Great Doddington
Tuesday 1st November - Eaton Ford
Monday 22nd October - Great Doddington
Wednesday 17th October - Rugby
Friday 12th October - Great Doddington
Wednesday 3rd October - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 26th September - Great Doddington
Monday 17th September - Great Doddington
Monday 10th September - Great Doddington
Wednesday 5th September - Eaton Ford
Thursday 30th August - Great Doddington
Wednesday 22nd August - Rugby
Saturday 18th August - Eaton Ford
Friday 10th August - Great Doddington
Wednesday 1st August - Great Doddington
Friday 20th July - Rugby
Wednesday 11th July - Great Doddington
Wednesday 4th July - Eaton Ford
Friday 29th June - Great Doddington
Tuesday 19th June - Rugby
Thursday 14th June - Eaton Ford
Monday 4th June - Rugby
Wednesday 30th May - Eaton Ford
Friday 25th May - Rugby
Friday 18th May - Great Doddington
Tuesday 8th May - Great Doddington
Wednesday 2nd May - Rugby
Friday 27th April - Great Doddington
Tuesday 17th April - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 27th March - Rugby
Monday 22nd March - Great Doddington
Monday 12th March - Rugby
Wednesday 7th March - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 7th February - Rugby
Monday 29th January - Eaton Ford
Monday 22nd January - Rugby
Wednesday 17th January - Eaton Ford
Thursday 11th January - Rugby
Thu 4th or Fri 5th January - Eaton Ford

Tuesday 28th November - Eaton Socon
Tuesday 7th November - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 27th September - Rugby
Saturday 16th September - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 5th September - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 9th August - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 2nd August - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 25th July - Rugby
Wednesday 19th July - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 11th July - Rugby
Wednesday 5th July - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 28th June - Rugby
Wednesday 21st June - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 13th June - Rugby
Wednesday 7th June - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 31st May - Rugby
Tuesday 23rd May - Eaton Ford

2nd November - (No notes)
Early April - (No notes)
22nd February - (No notes)
Friday 7th January - Eaton Ford

Wednesday 15th December - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 23rd November - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 1st November - Eaton Ford
Thursday 14th October - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 22nd September - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 11th May - Eaton Ford
Friday 16th April - Eaton Ford
Thursday 31st March - Eaton Ford
Thursday 11th March - Eaton Ford

Wednesday 6th August - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 15th July - Eaton Ford
Monday 23rd June - Eaton Ford
Wednesday 4th June - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 13th May - Eaton Ford
Monday 21st April - Eaton Ford
Monday 17th March - Eaton Ford
Tuesday 18th February - Eaton Ford
Monday 20th January - Eaton Ford

Wednesday 18th December - Eaton Ford

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