14 February 2013

Leaders in the church - INDEX

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Change of direction, change of leaderThis is the index to a series of articles on leaders and leadership in church life.

The first part is an overview and explains how the idea for the series came about. The second post examines part of a verse in Hebrews, often quoted to support hierarchical, structural, appointed leaders.

The plan for later posts is to work systematically through the New Testament.

  1. Leadership and the New Testament - How should we manage and govern our meetings?
  2. Follow my leader - We take apart the first section of Hebrews 13:17
  3. A joy, not a burden - Completing Hebrews 13:17
  4. Leading, Matthew 1:1-17 - The basis for leadership
  5. Miriam and Yoseph - Matthew 1:18-25 on leading by hearing and obeying
  6. Herod and the astrologers - Matthew 2:1-12, who would you follow?
  7. To Egypt and back - Matthew 2:13-23, leading from obedience
  8. John the Baptist - Matthew 3, John shows us how to lead
  9. Jesus is tempted - Matthew 4:1-11, temptations in the Judaean desert
  10. Jesus makes a start - Matthew 4:12-25, beginning his ministry in Galilee
  11. Back to front truth - Matthew 5:1-20, teaching the disciples
  12. Some issues to grapple with - Matthew 5:21-42, error and selflessness
  13. Gifts, prayer and needs - Matthew 6, as we grow we become examples

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