11 January 2010

John 2 - at the right time

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Everyone knows of the wedding in the village of Cana near the Sea of Galilee and the water into wine event.The best wine There's not much left at Cana now, just some remains of walls in a field at best (even the precise location is uncertain).

There's a great deal in this rich chapter (John 2) that we could discuss, but for me one of the significant features is hidden away in this business of water and wine. Notice in verse 4 how Yahshua tells his mother, rather brusquely, 'What's it got to do with me, woman? My time hasn't come yet'. Yet just a short time later he's telling the servants what to do and the water they draw is wine when it is poured out.

What's going on? Why does he say one thing but do another? This is not the only example. When his brothers were going to the feast in Jerusalem and invited him to join them he told them, 'No, my time has not come'. But as soon as they had left, he too set out for the city! (John 7:1-10) Why?

Perhaps the answer is that Yahshua, when he was here in the world in a human body, did literally what he later explained to his critics, 'I only do what I see the Father do' (John 5:19). So look at it like this...

Mary - 'They're going to be embarrassed, they've run out of wine.'

The Father - 'It's not your time yet, Son.'

Yahshua - 'It's not my problem, my time hasn't come yet.'

Mary (to the servants) - 'Just do whatever he tells you.'

The Father - 'Now is the time, my Son.'

Yahshua - 'Go and fill those pitchers with water. Then draw some out and take it to the MC.'

I think that really is how the Lord lived his life day by day. He did and said what his Father showed him and told him, moment by moment. And that is how he wants us to live too. He sent the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Christ) as a permanent advocate and comforter for all his people. If we are listening we will hear, if we are looking we will see.

There was a short time when the Father stopped speaking to Yahshua, and he cried out in a loud and desperate voice, 'Eloi, Eloi, why have you forsaken me?' (Mark 15:33-34) But that was a unique occasion. He has not (and never will) forsake his followers on the earth today.

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