21 January 2010

John 12 - Responding to Yahshua

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People have always responded to the presence and activity of Yahshua in a variety of ways John 12 has examples of several of these.
  • Martha served him as a member of the family.
  • Lazarus relaxed in his presence.
  • Mary spared no expense to honour him.
  • Judas objected to his acceptance of honour.
  • The crowd came to see what he had done.
  • The chief priests wanted to get rid of him.
  • Those celebrating the Passover greeted him as their King.
  • His disciples were puzzled at what was happening to him.
  • Those who had witnessed the miracle told everyone what he'd done.
  • Many who heard went out to meet him.
  • The Pharisees were exasperated by the effect he had on the crowds.
  • The Greek Jews asked to see him.
  • The Father spoke to him.
  • Those who followed the Law questioned him.
Whether they realised it or not, all of them were responding also to the presence and activity of the Father (verses 44-50).

Are you like any of the people in that list? How are you responding to Yahshua, the Son of the Most High?

I suggest going through the list a second time and thinking prayerfully about each one. Let's take the first and the last as examples.

Martha served him as a member of the family - Do you treat him as he wants to be treated, a precious member of your family? Is he invited to every family event, every occasion? Is he welcome, not only for the happy times, but also in the times of weeping? Every family has such times. Is he like the best of brothers, always there to help you, encourage you, comfort you, suggest better ways to do the things you did badly, commend you on the things you do well?

Those who followed the Law questioned him - there's no harm in questions as long as we're looking for information. Are your questions for information? Or are they sometimes a subtle form of criticism. 'Why did you do this, Lord?' 'Why did you allow that?' Although those questions can be straightforward, they may also be asked in an accusing way.

Like all the people in John 12 we respond to the presence and activity of the Lord in our lives. Let's make sure that our responses raise him up and glorify him amongst our circle of friends and family.

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