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21 April 2003

Eaton Ford - Weak and strong

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Once again this was a meeting of just two people (three if you count Yahshua himself!) Even before we met, the Holy Spirit gave me the verses Psalm 81:6-7 and reminded me that we don't have to struggle; we've been set free. HalleluYah!

And in verse 12 it's clear that we do have an alternative. Instead of doing it his way we can 'follow our own devices', we can do it our way. But that's not a good idea.

Concrete foundation title=I'd been mixing concrete most of the afternoon, and pouring the foundations for some garden steps; concrete was on my mind. So I wasn't surprised when the Spirit told me that people mix concrete which is wet and weak and can support nothing, but they pour it into the trench knowing that by the following day it will be set and within a week will have become strong enough to support a tall building.

He said, 'So it is with you - you are weak but I am patient and I know you will become strong enough for the task I've given you'.

While we were meeting together he said to us, 'I am like a beating heart in the body of my church, and I will lead you'.

This was so precious, and so relevant to our needs. For years I've been struggling with the issues of leadership. It seems very clear to me that the church shouldn't appoint leaders to tell us what we should do. I had concluded that the only alternative was to have no leaders at all because we all share one leader, our saviour and king, Yahshua.

But now he was showing us that we should all lead, and we should all follow. A third alternative that I'd failed even to notice! How simple, how elegant, how revolutionary, how obvious!

So now, instead of agonising over every issue in the church, if something seems right to me I will simply do it. We all have permission to act providing we do so in love, guided by the Holy Spirit, and under the kingship and headship of Yahshua.

Psalm 81:6-7 is right; we don't have to struggle; we have been set free.

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17 March 2003

Eaton Ford - Small and great

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There were only two of us tonight, but Father is so gracious. Yahshua told us that he'd be there where two or three are gathered together - and so it proved to be.

Stonecrop flowersThe meeting was just as blessed as usual, with plenty of encouragement and a sense of his close, caring presence. Praise him!

We heard that the tiny stonecrop and the great cedar, and the mighty oak tree were all planted by his hand. The important thing is not to be big or stong, but to be planted by the master.

He reminded us that two or three is enough, that he cares for us and we are precious in his sight.

There was another mention of the boat in the storm, if we have faith we will make it across to the shore. And we have faith, not because we are strong or able, but because he has told us we'll arrive safely on the other side.

He showed us once again that he has provided a banquet for us and we can enjoy everything he has provided, even in the sight of our enemies.

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