24 September 2010

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I hope you'll find what you're looking for here on 'Journeys of Heart and Mind'. Many of the articles are about aspects of following Jesus, but there are also items on science, technology, travel, history, space flight and much more.

Navigating - Click the tabs under the banner to visit the major parts of this site. There's a little more detail in the list below.

  • Home - A brief introduction with links to recent articles.
  • Current posts - This tab displays the current article, with an archive on the right (scroll down to find it).
  • Wine - A collection of material on current trends in church life.
  • Browse - Several alternative ways of browsing around the site.
  • Links - Suggested websites for local church and more, grouped into topics.
  • Subscribe - Several ways of keeping up with the latest articles.
  • About - Information on the author and this website.

Searching - Use the search box at the top of the right hand column. Type a topic of interest to bring up a series of articles on that subject - for example spacesciencemission, or peace. You can use multiple words in a search. The results provide three tabs, use these to switch between hits on this website (the default), from other blogs, or hits from the web in general.

Themed series - There is a series index listing topics that are covered by linked articles. Visit the index, read the short descriptions, and then click through to a series of interest.

Logo - The logo that looks like a pizza is almost 2000 years old. Visit the 'Ichthus' article for details.

The name 'Scilla'
The web domain is called 'scilla' after a kind of bluebell, one of my favourite flowers.

Site history - The site was at various times called All About Jesus, Focussed on the King and The Scilla Blog. You'll find these names used in some older articles. It's still all about Jesus, the name has changed but not the foundation. He is the way, the truth and the life.

On the web - Also follow 'Journeys of heart and mind' on Google+ - jhmplus.scilla.org.uk

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