You can read updates simply by visiting the website, but you can also choose to have new material sent by email or displayed in your RSS or Atom news reader. Alternatively you can follow the changes on Google+, or Twitter.

Visiting the website - You can manually load Journeys of heart and mind at This opens the website with recent articles in the left hand column and brief news items and other material in the narrower right hand column. Click Current posts to see full versions of the latest articles. For some funky alternative views try the Browse tab.

By email - You can keep up to date without visiting the website by signing up for emails. There are two options, pick the one you would prefer.
  • Articles - You'll receive an email whenever there is at least one article posted on a particular day. If several articles are posted they'll all be sent in a single message. The full text of the articles and any images, links etc will be sent. However, the emails will not include the material in the website's right hand column.
  • News - The emails are sent daily as above. They contain clickable links and the first paragraph of the articles, but not the full text. However, these emails also include the news items from the top of the right hand column - things I have found interesting elsewhere on the web.
As news feeds (RSS or Atom) - The same material as above can also be obtained as feeds for a news reader.
Other websites
The same material can also be viewed at the following web addresses, try them to see which you prefer.


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