13 March 2009

Eaton Ford (day) - Mediaeval door

This morning we met at Paul's and chatted about friends and situations that we're concerned about, it was quite a long list. People in pain, with illnesses of various kinds, without work, or just downhearted. A mediaeval door

But there were also things to be grateful for - people we know who have started to get involved with church, some now going to Brickhill for example, or Open Door. We also talked about 'The Shack' and how it deals with forgiveness and Father's acceptance and love.

We prayed for these people, asking Jesus to put peace in their hearts and minds as well as meeting the needs in their lives.

Chris saw a picture of a heavy wooden door made of very thick timbers with black iron hinges and studs. It was not fully closed, and through the gap shone a bright light. Inside was the Lord's presence, his glory, and brilliant light. We were outside. We knew we needed to push hard to open this stiff and heavy door, and we knew that when we did we'd be able to come into his presence.

Jules reminded us that the Lord knows all about us, he has called us by name, and every knee will bow before him. See Romans 14:8-13 and 2 Chronicles 7:14.

We shared bread and wine together and ate some more of the bread with soup before chatting again and going our separate ways.

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