13 October 2005

What do you see here? (KN)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well here's a new twist on that thought. I provide the picture, and you write some words!

Buildings and skyIt's not difficult, here's a small photo to work with. You can view a larger version in a separate window while you write your comment, or you can even download the full-size original. The photo is copyright but the terms allow you to use and reproduce it.

The idea is not just to write any old comment. Instead, look at the picture and ask yourself if it speaks to you about our heavenly Father, about the human condition, or about our relationships with him and with one another. Can you bring an encouraging message out of the picture?

Let me show you what I mean. The lower part of the picture is man-made, it rests on the earth, is grey, hard, and unchanging. The upper part of the photo is of the sky - it's not made by human effort, is owned by no-one, is not bound to the earth, and is gloriously colourful, bright, and changes moment by moment.

Go on, have a go, write a comment. It's not a spelling or grammar test, there are no right or wrong answers, and there's no prize except the prize of encouraging people and opening eyes and minds to the truth. Expand on my thoughts above, begin with new ideas of your own, or reply to other comments already present.

Thanks for your contribution, and may your words be a blessing to others.

(This was my final post to the Koinonia blog. Hint - click the topic 'kn' at the top of the page to show only the Koinonia posts.)

Comments copied from the original Chris Jefferies' Blog.

Comment from: Steph [Member] Email · http://www.es-creative.com
The commerce, machines, contructions of "man" cover the earth. The extent of the social constructions of human beings is so vast, it is often difficult to see the simple, raw beauty that God created when he spoke the world into existence. Alas! So many will look upon the social construction of reality and say "where is God?" Others will hang their heads low in disappointment and bemoan the loss of the Father's original imprint of LIFE upon the globe.

We, however, have the opportunity to "raise our eyes to the hills" and remember from "whence comes our help!" Every day the sun rises over the earth and the glory of the Lord is available to behold. If we would but search for Him as Song of Solomon's maiden searches for her lover, we would find Him. Look, over there, coming up out of the valley, "my Lover stands radiant and ruddy, outstanding among ten thousand!"

I see a similar picture of Christ when I view the above photo. He is steadfast, ready and wise, ever-beautiful, unchanged by human ideas or culture. He is the Alpha and Omega, the same yesterday, today, and always.

What a glorious reminder in that photo Chris. The "sun" remains and is always the diligent counter to anything that fails or corrupts here on earth. So much happiness and joy in life overflows or diminishes; it's all in what we choose to behold, isn't it?

14/10/05 @ 03:20

Comment from: Kay Harvey [Visitor]
The picture reminds me of the end of my daily labor to go home and retreat from the world of busyness, and rest with Him. Kay
19/10/05 @ 15:41

Comment from: Chris [Member] Email
Thanks for your comments, that's two very different thoughts so far, I think it shows how powerfully the universe displays the nature of the Almighty to those who have eyes to see.

I'm sure there's much more about him that could be mined from this image. Anyone else care to contribute?
20/10/05 @ 05:21

Comment from: jimp [Visitor]
Couldn't tell IF that was sun rising or sun setting.... don't matter for "from the rising of the Son to the going down of the same - the Lord's name is to be praised!~

and prasing Him is easy - in light of the cities that man's hands have framed - that pix w/ sun -reminds me and encourages to be ever vigilant - those cities we don't look for = we hold out for the city who's builder and marker is God! \O/


Good shot, Great reminder, ChrisJ
29/11/05 @ 18:33

Comment from: Robert Gillard [Visitor]
It's funny but didn't I read somewhere that God hates cities. After the flood, folks started builing cities and trusting in the walls to save them. These days cities divide people, get people mad, all cooped up together like rats in a cage. I remember some guy did experiments where he put lotsa rats, all jammed together, in a cage. they got mean and anti-social real quick. Sounds like a city... But that sky!! Look up your redemption draweth nigh. The Son (sun) of Righteousness has risen on you. A sky like that is best viewed from a desert. A dry and weary land where no water is. Thus have I beheld thee in the sanctuary. I've seen skies like that from my desert places and my heart leaps within me.
30/12/05 @ 03:31

Comment from: S. R. [Visitor]
The first scripture that came to mind (which seems odd) was "...open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." And also, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field..."

And in this context, the glory of the sunset reminds me of the scripture, "The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field."

Normally, these scriptures would be applied if the picture were of a wheat field, but could we say that perhaps if we were to broaden what we see, and see with the Lord's eyes, i.e. having the mind of Christ, that we will see His desire?
04/01/06 @ 10:59

Comment from: Shirley Miranda [Visitor]
The creative God is displayed through the creativity of man as seen is great architure. However, when placed next to the Creators artwork, it pales in comparison. His glory can not be outdone.
30/01/06 @ 16:48

Comment from: Sue [Visitor]
I look at it as a sunrise, there are many people asleep in those buildings, they are missing the beauty that God sending our way. But also picture a lot of people awake, watching and marveling at the beauty God is sending their way, and they thank Him
03/02/06 @ 20:59

Comment from: joshua kelly [Visitor]
I see what has become of mans doings here on earth. Not to say all is bad. But, my first thought is it looks like low-income housing or possibly vacant and inhabited by homeless folk. It makes me thankful we have a hope of a place not made with human hands to reside in eternally. Oppresive picture even with the sunset. What have we become? A culture subject to so much failure and also success at the cost of many lives being pushed to the lower part of society. But the ones making money in this area would ofcourse disagree.
13/02/06 @ 11:10

Comment from: David E. Gregory [Visitor] · http://www.oneamericansdream.com
I see what I would rather not see, i.e. a big city. I live in the country, and I would greatly prefer to see the sky over the country. On the other hand I know of some folk who live in the big city and their God is just as close to them as my God (the same God) is to me. I am (or have been) very survivalist minded, meaning learing how to be self-sufficient, and I am learning somewhat painfully that it is all a mirage. There is no such thing as [absolute] self-sufficiency, nor did God intend there to be. The city is dependent on the country for growing food, and to a large degree, at least, the country is dependent on the city and the business enterprises that are more easily put together in the city for the mass transportation of the country's food nationwide.

There is another aspect that I see, because I have been in construction most of my life. All of those buildings, without exception, existed in someone's mind before they ever existed in brick and mortar and steel. All of them started on an architects drawing board, and the contracts were let out to dozens of contractors before there was so much as a shovel full of dirt turned over. So in reality all of those buildings represent the genius that God put into man that is part of the unimaginably brilliant and complex image of the Creator God himself.

And, of course, while most men don't see it (they are blinded by the sheer 'glory' of the physical building just as the pharisees of old were blinded by the 'glory' of the temple) God is building his own building, but it isn't in the buildings you see here.

And yet, even those who (in my opinion) have the misfortune of being stuck in the big city have the same privilege of looking UP, and seeing the same glory of the sky (almost, because there is less smog in the country)as those in the coutry. And if there is faith, then God honors that faith no matter where he finds it.

I worked in the World Trade Center for six months when it was under construction in 1971, and while it was an experience, no amount of money (aside from the distinct calling of God) would compel me to go back there, entirely apart from the tragedy of 9/11.

David E. Gregory
Belgrade, Maine
14/05/06 @ 19:06

Comment from: jeffrey hosman [Visitor]
When i first looked at this image it was as if i heard The Lord Saying....

"When it is evening you say 'It will be fair weather, for the sky is red' and in the morning 'It will be foul weather today for the sky is red and threatening '.
Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times. "
Math 16:2&3
25/07/06 @ 19:58

Comment from: jeffrey hosman [Visitor]
The 2nd thing i heard was The Lord Saying...( after i read all the many other wonderful comments which i had not done up to that point )..

I heard The Lord saying...

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones
those who are sent to her!
How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.
Math 23:37 nkjv.

Thank you for providing this opportunity to comment, Chris.

It's a GREAT Idea!

Thanks to all contributors so far...all great comments I think!


25/07/06 @ 20:14

Comment from: Walter [Visitor]
I see a city whose inhabitants need evagelism and discipleship.
17/11/06 @ 05:58

Comment from: Larry Baker [Visitor] · http://wwww.101computers.biz
I see the machinery of life. I see that every bulding must contain some element that gives life to the larger body. Every employee in every building contributes to a product or service which supports the bigger world. First glance gives the impression of how small I am, but when you think of it, all componants of society are small.The factory worker is a small cog in the big machine, but without him, no end product to benefit the population. I think that we can look here and see that the body of Christ has even more members than Paul mentions in the Bible. The complexity and balance of a city is the result of a "bigger picture", of which all Christians participate, in a small cubicle or a wide open area. Within the walls of this city, you may find a thousand christians talking to their co-workers about the kingdom of God.
03/04/07 @ 02:25

Comment from: Kate [Visitor]
What I see is simple, even in the midst of all this humanity, God's glory shines. God reaches out to every eye to bear witness to His love, the rays of the sun he Created touch us. Christ comes to meet with us no matter who or where we are. His power out shines our attempts to claim we don't know He exists, we didn't know better, we didn't think anyone cared, we don't realize that everything we do MAKES A DIFFERENCE in God's eyes.
There is black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, (yin yang, karma, blah blah blah)...

...and then there is grace.
22/04/07 @ 23:36

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