11 January 2012

Prophecy for England

I was sent these words of prophecy today by a friend. They concern the future of the UK and I felt led to place them here on 'All About Jesus'. Your thoughts and comments will be welcome.

Listening is important, something I've posted on before and feel strongly about. Many who follow Jesus have never been encouraged to listen or given any guidance on how to listen. This is a real weakness in church life in the UK in our day.

England in the UKProphecy is the result of listening so I was encouraged today when a friend sent me and others some words from someone she knows, John Richards. Here it is, exactly as I received it.

Prophecy for England

In the next 20 years there will be a period of cumulative and intense emotional & spiritual poverty and ever-increasing suffering in the UK as my generation and those younger grow up and reach middle age. Relationship and marriage breakdown will become completely epidemic, serious sexual and physical diseases and problems will become overwhelming, people's health both mental and emotional will be corrupted and there will be intense poverty, both practically and spiritually in this nation as communities die, children are fatherless and families are destroyed. The papers will become full of stories that will lead people into debt, fear, hopelessness and apathy and a terrible disappointment and anger at what they are living in.

During this time, there will be intense challenge for the established church as the divide between their normal ministry, practices and influence and the intense and accelerating need in their communites grows at an exponential rate and it becomes painfully clear that the Church and Gospel as they are living it out and preaching and teaching it is NOT sufficient for the Redemption and wounds of their nation.

At this point, God will send prophetic words into the church, all over the country, carried in the mouths of prophets, begging the established Christian Church to repent and turn from their materialism, religion and fear that masquerades as Christianity and to move out in faith by FASTING, PRAYER AND A NEW KIND OF CHURCH BUILT ON DISCIPLESHIP AND INTIMACY. God will come strongly against the established order of things in the Church and it will be utterly exposed as being largely impotent and shallow as the country begins to bleed.....


IF in these days the Church hears the prophetic messages to repent and change that God will make resound in music, the Arts, culture, prophetic preaching and spirit-filled conscience, then GOD WILL BRING A GREAT REVIVAL TO THIS NATION like has never been seen in history, BUT IT WILL NOT START IN CHURCH, BUT INSTEAD WILL BIRTH AS CHRISTIANS BREAK OUT OF THEIR COMFORT AND RELIGION AND FAST AND PRAY IN ACCOUNTABLE GROUPS AND THEN MOVE OUT IN FAITH TO THEIR COMMUNITIES via discipling. The young will need to turn to the old in respect and accountability in the church, and the old will need to be fully repent and let go of the past and let God change their preconceptions and then let the young lead and move out in adventure and faith.


John has asked me to include two links, one to his website and another to a copy of his book. I'd like to add my thanks for permission to share the prophecy here on All About Jesus.

I believe these words were given and shared in order to touch hearts. They may not touch every heart, and they certainly won't affect everyone in the same way. Particularly if you live in the UK (and especially if you live in England) or if you have a special heart for this country, please read them prayerfully and thoughtfully and test them for yourself. I don't endorse what is written but I do want to place it before you for consideration.

Megan, who sent me John's words, also mentioned that they are strikingly similar to something she heard Mark Stibbe share recently.

Why am I posting this? - There is a particular reason for passing this on. Much of what John has shared touches chords in what I have been thinking and hearing over the last year or so, especially during the last six months. I don't think this is a coincidence.

I woke up one morning with the word 'subito' rattling around in my mind. My schoolboy Latin from about 1960 made me think it meant 'suddenly' and that turned out to be correct. So I thought perhaps the Holy Spirit was telling me there was going to be a sudden change in my life. I wrote about it when it happened, at the beginning of September.

I believe that change has begun and now feel I should collect together some of the other articles I've written about listening. I'll post again when I've done that.

At this stage perhaps my thinking sounds a little disjointed - it does to me as well! But I have no doubt that something is being revealed and clarity will come at the right time. Nobody can claim life with Jesus is dull!


  1. Hi, my comments are that I have had these prophecies for a number of years and I have told them to friends, family and colleagues over and over again. I have also seen some destruction of buildings, especially in the northern part of the UK, and midlands, eg., Nottingham City. I prophesied the errecting of street cameras 10 years before they were even thought of. There will also be race riots, not something we want, of course. What to do about it. We can pray and push back the enemies forces, we do not have to accept the evil and destruction that will overtake the UK. God saved Lot and led his people out of many areas of iminant doom, He can do the same for us. Did you know that God himself can 'postpone' destruction even just for you and for me? God will not destroy one city, just for me and my family. Yes, it is in the pipeline, but not yet, God is not through with many and he will not let one hair of mine or of the ones I love head come to any harm. So, the thing to do next, is to pray for guidance (as your article said that your thinking seems a little disjointed and it will be made clear) God to lead us OUT of this. God is looking for a man, a woman to LEAD God's people OUT, physically etc, just as He led the children of Israel out of Egypt. Is there a Moses somewhere? Are you reading this? Please get in touch with the author if the original article and you can then meet and pray together for God's guidance on what to do next. As we know, there is "Spiritual Wickedness in High Places" meaning there are people in high positions of authority in the UK who are NOT being led by God. God bless

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      However I don't feel very comfortable with what you write as it doesn't fit well with the things I feel I should do. But there's no reason to suppose we'll all be called in the same way.

      We are planning to pray, of course. That can never be the wrong response! And ultimately everything is in his hands and I'm more than happy about that.

  2. Funny I had in summer 2008 the word soudain come to mind, French which also means suddenly - no particular fulfilment as yet, but...

  3. But... it remains in the back of your mind and won't be dislodged. Perhaps it even seems more significant as time goes by, not less. Isn't it strange how that can happen?

    We really do need to live in trust, don't we, expecting Papa to do amazing things in us and around us even if we can't see them right now?

    Perhaps it's a matter of living in the moment yet with bated breath.

  4. Suddenly You Appear
    You are very near and dear,
    To my soul,
    You are my eternal Goal,
    Suddenly, Suddenly, Suddenly.


    Suddenly you Give me answers
    And direct my soul,
    Through Your High Priest,
    You are One in the very least

    And give them prominence

    In Your Soul,
    You are my Eternal Goal,
    Suddenly, Suddenly, Suddenly


    In Returning and rest ye shall be saved,
    In quietness and confidence shall be your strength,
    but ye would not.

    And just as Israel didn't enter into rest, earthly Christianity today make the same mistake. U see if u don't enter into rest, and u go about doing ur own thing and call it the works of God, then u r going to depart from the living God. UK has a pretty bad case of spiritual dryness, its awful and its death. U wonder why God hasn't done this and that, what u r not seeing is what the leadership and churches and ministeries in the earth, rejected. And so Christ brings forth His chosen sent back into Him and they rest. They are sent to the most loneliest, isolated, people and places on this planet, because He wants those people that are the loneliest, isolated and without fellowship receiving the Love of Christ.

    UK have a lot to answer for, and one of them she was a neglectful and abusive mother through the generations, who disregarded who and what Christ gave to her. She caused much suffering. The biggest move of God is coming from out of obscurity, out of the one that is the least liked, least accepted, and the least likely in this earth and the least of what UK think.

    If u really want to turn around the situation, then rest in Christ enter into His rest and stay there until....u see that word goes with Suddenly.....and until...u have the love of Christ in ur hearts, and until He moves, until He is the one who u want to be with more than anything or anyone, and He is the one that is loved beyond measure, u love Him more than ur sin, u love Him more and want to listen to Him and delight in waiting to see what He has to say, and what His will is, that He is the love of all ur life, He is Your forever God and that He is not only living in ur life, with Christ's eternal fellowship, but He is moving as the mighty river and torrent that He is, in the sweeping away of all Sin. Eternal Redemption. This is the last call and there is no other, after this, enter into Christ's rest. Amen.

    The answer lies in Christ's sanctification. Sanctify and His sanctifying journey. If u don't go on that journey, and live that Life, then u don't go on the journey of His eternal life...and it truly then becomes ur choice in His judgement. Amen

    That ur will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, in Christ we trust Amen.

  5. This is really great to see. In the Summer of 2012 I had a vision that I've been sitting on for a while now, only sharing with those close to me and drawing on as a resource for personal ministry. But I've been starting to feel it's time to start sharing wider so have been looking for similar minds to share it with in the first instance for the purpose of weighing and discernment. What you share here seems really spot on and I'd love to get in touch with Chris - does he have an email address I can reach him on?





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