23 June 2008

Greener, better, more convenient

Green PlugWe all know the current system is crazy. We all have a cupboard full of power adapters, leads tangled together, we all know how easy it is to mislay that essential adaptor for the mobile phone, the camera, or the laptop. Aarrggghhhh! But we accept it because there has been no alternative; but now there is.

Green Plug have a good solution whereby devices can communicate with a standard, 'intelligent' power supply. The device sends data on the voltage it requires and lets the supply know when it is fully charged (so the charger can stop sending power). Every compliant device can use the standard charger.

Simpler, more efficient in use, less clutter in the cupboard, less unnecessary manufacturing. It's better in so many ways.


  1. I can see one slight issue with this - what voltage to start out at while the required voltage is being transmitted? If the device's battery is fully discharged, it's going to need a power supply to be able to send the information, and if the manufacturers can't standardise on a single power connecter, or even single voltage, for charging, what are the chances of them standardising this voltage either?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tevildo. It's a good point.

    I don't know how the manufacturer is handling this but I'm sure they've thought it through.



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