18 February 2003

Eaton Ford - Perfection

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This was another good meeting, though rather 'busier' than previous ones - not a lot of silence! For me, the main message was that we can't do it, but he can! He won't leave his people to flounder, he'll be there for us when we need him.

Broken down wallsWe don't need to be perfect because he'll use us just as we are.The pictures and prophecies included these...

A stuffy room in which the air was heavy, he told us that he wanted to throw open the doors and windows so that the light, fresh air could flow in.

We heard that walls will be broken down.

Someone saw Yahshua's footprints and noticed that they were filled with flowers.

There was a sculptor working on a huge tree trunk that was full of knotholes and splits. Because he was a very skilled sculptor the imperfections didn't prevent him using the wood, he was able to incorporate them cleverly in the design.

At the end of the meeting we all seemed to open our eyes at the same moment, it was clear to everyone that Father had said what he wanted us to hear and it was time to continue with a drink and a chat.

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