19 August 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT - A letter from Cornerstone to the churches

Paul Shinners, the owner and managing director of Cornerstone, has circulated a vision statement and invitation to the church in St Neots.
A letter from Cornerstone
Here are some extracts.

Cornerstone is a cross-denominational company with directors from different churches and aims to bring Jesus into the high street and provide resources for local Christians and churches. However, its primary aim is to serve Jesus by blessing and loving the people in the area by representing him to them. This will present opportunities for the local churches around St Neots by providing a mix of affordable high quality coffee, fair trade food, meeting rooms, music, gifts, cards and counsellors in a welcoming and loving environment.

Cornerstone has been open for only a couple of days but we have had rave reviews on the quality and experience from both Christians and non-Christians alike!

However, there is an opportunity for more volunteers to be part of this exciting venture and for your church to be represented in Cornerstone to help engage in outreach with the local community in a non-threatening environment.

Specifically we require volunteers to help with any of the following duties:

- Book shop management
- Food preparation
- Coffee and drinks preparation
- Cleaning
- Counselling

We can offer any volunteers uniforms, free lunch and drinks, and travelling expenses.
I know that all of us living in the area and involved in small, organic expressions of church will find this an interesting opportunity. It fits particularly well with our own understanding of church and being actively involved with the people around us. We are here to love the Father, love one another, love our neighbour, and even to love our enemy. What better start could we have than a place like Cornerstone, designed to serve the local area with good food, good drink, good books, and good facilities for meeting?

So please bring this to Jesus in prayer, ask him if he wants you involved. If you need to know more here are some suggestions.
  • Watch the video about the making of Cornerstone.
  • Visit the website and read about it.
  • Come and visit for a coffee and a chat.
  • Let the staff know that you are considering becoming a volunteer and that you'd like the chance to ask some questions.
  • Ask to see the meeting room and other facilities.


  1. Message for Paul Shinners: Please advise me if you are a member of the clergy and have any links with Uganda. I am trying to trace a Reverend Paul Shinners who claims to be a C of E clergyman based in the UK.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Richard.

    Paul manages the Cornerstone bookshop and cafe mentioned above. I suggest you email him direct - paul.shinners@cornersn.com and you can also visit the website - http://cornersn.com/ if you haven't already done so.

    Right at the bottom of the right hand column on the Cornerstone website you'll see a link to 'Passion for souls ministries' and that will give you further information.

    I hope that helps,


  3. Thank you Chris, but your reply nor the website answers my main question. Is he an ordained minister? If he is, then with which church?

  4. Hi Richard. As I understand it every believer in Jesus is his appointed servant, which is what the words ordained minister really mean. But as far as I know Paul is not an ordained minister in the sense that you are using - a paid leader in a traditional denomination.

    I'm afraid I can't be completely confident in saying that, so it really would be best to write to Paul for the definitive yes/no answer. That's why I included his email address.

    I know Paul as an aquaintance and helped as a volunteer at Cornerstone during the initial stages. I've not been involved for about two years (except as an occasional customer) and don't know Paul well enough to have detailed knowledge of his past involvement in church life.

    Sorry I can't help further.

  5. http://stopugandanantihomosexualitybill.blogspot.co.uk/



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