10 September 2008

Great Doddington - Skylight and Passover

It was good to meet, share the bread and wine together, and nibble bread and cheese before going our separate ways.

We began by chatting together about recent event in our lives. Chris described a picture of a large and airy room with no door, we were all there in the room. There was a window in each of the four walls, Blue sky, sunshine breaking throughlooking out of the first window all that could be seen was a bleak, gloomy view with heavy, grey clouds. Looking out of the next window, the scene was exactly the same. The third window showed the same view too and then looking through the fourth and final window - the view was the same again, grey, dull, and heavy.

But up above was a skylight, and through the skylight was a beautiful blue sky, and we knew that soon the blue area would move to the part of the sky where the sun would be, and the light would illuminate the scenery outside the windows. So often we see the grey, heavy, drab view in every direction and forget to look up towards the skylight.

Rachael saw a picture of foam, really light and frothy foam, the kind that can just blow away in a light breeze. She realised that the Lord is light, not only of the visible kind but also he is light in 'weight'. He is mobile, like foam that is able to be carried on the lightest movement of air.

Jody spoke about Passover and the Day of Atonement. She reminded us that the Passover bread was unleavened, made without yeast for speed and cooked in haste. Jesus paid the price, making atonement for us once and for all.

We prayed for friends and relatives, and although some of us had been heavy-hearted during the week, our spirits and hearts were lifted as we spent the time with him tonight. It's so good to know that he is here with us.

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